Project Name:

US 13 Seaford Intersection Improvements Project - Contract # T200412401

Project Area:

The project will reduce congestion and improve safety at the following five (5) intersections. Click on the intersection to view a PDF of the proposed improvements.

Project Overview

The Seaford Intersection Improvements Project was a product of the Corridor Capacity Preservation Program. The purpose of the program are to preserve highway capacity along principal arterial roads. The goals of the program are to maintain a road's ability to handle traffic safely, minimize the impacts of increased economic growth, preserve the ability to make future improvements, prevent the need to build an entirely new road, and sort local and through traffic.

A total of 5 intersections in the Seaford area were identified as needing such improvements. Four of the intersections are part of this project with the other (US 13/13A/46) having been improved in 2006.

The project included the addition of turn lanes and the separation of shared movements at the intersecting roads, modifications to islands and medians on US Route 13, and the installation of bike lanes at S 534 and SR 20.

Contractor and Cost

Contractor: Mumford and Miller Concrete, Inc.

Cost: $4,257,712.21

Construction Schedule

This project was completed January 2016.

(Reviewed and Updated February 1, 2016)