Project Limits

The project limits will extend from the Maryland State line to Casho Mill Road. The project will include work on Otts Chapel Road and SR4 as well as several other intersecting roadways.

Project Need

The project is needed to address the deteriorating concrete pavement on Elkton Road and to reduce traffic delays along the corridor. Elkton Road is frequently used by pedestrians and cyclists, however, with no continuous sidewalk facilities, pedestrian improvements are also needed.

Project Overview

The project proposes to add an additional travel lane between the intersection of Otts Chapel Road and SR4 Christiana Parkway. This project also includes a full depth reconstruction of Elkton Road inside the project limits. The intersection of McIntire Drive, Otts Chapel Road, Interchange Blvd, Patriots Way, SR4 Christiana Parkway, and Christina Mills Drive will be improved as part of the project as well. These modifications are proposed to address capacity issues as well as safety concerns. A multi-use path facility will be added to the length of the project.

Project Schedule:

Right-of-Way Acquisitions: Starting Fall 2017
Advanced Utility Relocations: Starting Fall 2018
Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2019
Anticipated End of Construction: Fall 2021

Public Workshop:

A public workshop was held on October 24, 2016 at the Newark High School.

(Reviewed and Updated on 08/22/2017)