Project Limits:

The project limits extend approximately 800 feet west on East Market Street (US 9) from the intersection with Airport Road and approximately 1,000 feet to the east of this intersection. The project limits also extend approximately 1,000 feet to the south on Airport Road and approximately 2,200 feet on Sand Hill Road

Project Need:

Improve safety and operations of the existing intersection of US 9 and S319 (Sand Hill Road/Airport Road). Sand Hill Road and Airport Road intersect at US 9 at skew angles at offset locations.

Project Description/Overview:

Project will realign Sand Hill Road and Airport Road to intersect US 9 at one location at an improved angle. Other improvements include intersection turn lanes, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and drainage improvements.

Project Schedule:

  • This project is currently in design
  • Begin Right-of-Way Acquisition – Winter 2018/2019
  • Design Complete – Fall 2019
  • Begin Construction – Spring 2020

Public Workshop Information:

Public Workshop – June 11, 2018 from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Sussex Academy

(Reviewed and Updated on 07/09/2018)