Project Name:

Lore Ave Closure at Philadelphia Pike/Marsh Rd Intersection

Lore Ave is a residential road in New Castle County. It is less than a mile long and connects US 13/Governor Printz Blvd to US 13 Business/Philadelphia Pike. It currently has a posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour. The surrounding land use is generally residential. Lore Ave’s residents contacted DelDOT and advised motorists are cutting through neighborhoods to avoid busy intersections and save a few seconds of their commute.

Lore Ave. Presentation

Public Notice

The Lore Ave Closure Project is located at the intersection of Philadelphia Pike and Marsh Road/ Lore Ave. in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware. The project involves the construction of tubular markers to eliminate the Lore Ave approach movements at the intersection. Closing the Lore Ave approach will allow efficient and safer travel through the intersection. The project also includes incorporating pavement markings and signage (regulatory and advisory) for the roadway closure at the intersection to further improve traffic flow and safety.

The existing five-leg signalized intersection creates awkward driving patterns for the traveling public. Turning movements at the intersection create conflict points or locations where crashes may occur. Based on the undesirable intersection layout, the existing five-leg signalized intersection configuration results in more conflict points than a standard four-leg intersection. In addition, the existing intersection configuration is unfavorable to a pedestrian. Pedestrians must cross multiple lanes of traffic and multiple streets without refuge which may make a pedestrian feel exposed or unsafe.

The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of life for the community and the traveling public, improving traffic flow, providing safety, mobility at the intersection by reducing conflict points and vehicular delays, eliminating the sight distance restriction, and keep the residential character to Lore Ave. DelDOT is in favor of the roadway closure because of the elimination of the fifth leg at the intersection and other safety reasons.

If DelDOT decides to move ahead with the approach closure, the tentative schedule is construction in 2019.