Project Limits:

An improved Newark Rail Station will be constructed in the location of the existing SEPTA rail station, west of SR 896 in Newark.

Project Need:

The existing Newark station has minimal passenger facilities, inadequate parking, and other deficiencies. It cannot accommodate high-level platforms required by the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Conflicts with freight trains preclude expansion of passenger service and detract from freight operations. Replacement of the station is included in DTC's Commuter Rail Improvement Project.

Project Overview:

The design and construction for an enhanced and improved passenger rail station in Newark just west of the existing SEPTA rail station. The station will provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant high-level platforms, expand parking, and provide significantly improved passenger amenities including a station building with bathrooms. The project is envisioned to be the first phase of additional potential improvements to the new station. Potential future phases would provide additional improvements to further enhance and expand passenger rail service, including MARC Service.

Project Development Start Date:

Fiscal Year 2014

Construction Start Date:

Parking Lot and Access Road: August 2017
Station Building - Winter 2018

Public Workshop Information: