Project Limits

Project limits extend along Plantation Road from SR 24 to the south to the intersection of US 9 to the north

Project Need

This area was identified as a high priority by Sussex County Council due to high development growth in the corridor over the last several years. The purpose is to preserve mobility for local residents and businesses while providing roadway improvements along Plantation Road to reduce congestion, improve safety, and accommodate anticipated growth in local and seasonal traffic.

Project Overview

Project includes operational improvements consisting of turn lanes and other intersection improvements, median turn lanes for residential entrances, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the corridor. Realignment of the northern portion of Plantation Road/Beaver Dam Road near the US 9 intersection

Project Schedule:

Anticipated Project Development Start Date - 2018
Anticipated Project Development End Date – 2022

Public Workshop Information

Conceptual Public Workshop - February 15, 2018

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/19/2018)