Project Limits:

The project is located in northern New Castle County on Possum Park Road, in Newark. The project runs northwest from the St John's-Holy Angel Church driveway, too approximately 1000' north of the Chapel Hill subdivision entrance; and from the intersection of Possum Park Road and Old Possum Park Road approximately 200' south-east of Stoney Brae Road.

Project Need:

The project will address traffic, roadway condition and safety needs along Possum Park Road and Old Possum Park Road, as well as access to the Chapel Hill Subdivision.

Project Overview:

Possum Park Road will be repaved and widened in the project limits to accommodate 12' lanes, 8'-10' shoulders with bike lanes and 11' left and right turn lanes onto Old Possum Park Road and Saint Regis Drive. Old Possum Park Road will be realigned to provide better access and alleviate traffic tie-ups at the current intersection. New curbs, gutters and drainage facilities will be installed along Possum Park Road.

Project Schedule:

This project is currently in design.
Anticipated Right-of-Way Acquisition – Begin Spring 2019
Anticipated Start of Construction – Spring 2020
Anticipated End of Construction – TBD

Public Workshop:

A public workshop was held for this project on November 8, 2012. Displays from this workshop are available here

Additional public workshops will be held as the design progresses.

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/24/2017)