SR 1 Northbound Auxiliary Lane, U.S. Route 40 to SR 273

Project Limits:

The project proposes an auxiliary lane along northbound Route 1 so that the on-ramp at the U.S. Route 40 Interchange would be a continuous lane to the Route 273 interchange, where traffic can merge onto Route 1 northbound or depart onto Route 273.

Project Need:

This project addresses the current operational and safety issues in the northbound direction of SR 1 between the on-ramp at the US 40 interchange to the I-95 northbound flyover ramp. Currently, the on-ramp onto northbound SR 1 from US 40 is under-designed. Vehicles do not have the proper distance to accelerate and merge with through traffic on SR 1. This causes major delays in the AM peak on both SR 1 and US 40.

Project Timeline:

  • Spring 2015 – Design
  • Summer 2015 – Procurement
  • Fall 2015 – Construction

SR 1 Auxiliary Lane FAQs

Public Workshop Information

  • Public Workshop: Wednesday February 25
    Location: May B. Leasure Elementary School, Gymnasium,
    1015 Church Road, Newark, DE 19702
    Time:  4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.