Project Limits:

The project is located at the US 113/ SR 16 Intersection in Ellendale, Sussex County Delaware

Project Need:

The project need is a result of expected future land development and economic growth in Sussex County, and the significant projected increase in daily traffic volumes on US 113 in the Ellendale Area. The traffic consists of a mix of local and regional travelers. In the future, the increased traffic will generate conflicts/safety concerns, especially for local travelers that are crossing US 113 or making turning movements onto or from US 113.

Project Overview:

This project in considered one of the high priority projects within the US 113 Corridor Improvement Plan. It will involve constructing an overpass located at the US 113/ SR 16 intersection. The purpose of this project is to preserve and protect the US 113 corridor that will accommodate long-term transportation capacity needs as well as improve safety, accommodate future land development and economic growth, and maintain consistency with state/local plans for transportation systems.

The proposed improvements were recommended as part of the Ellendale Area portion of the overall US 113 North/ South Study.

Project Schedule:

Design: 2018-2022
Anticipated Right-of-Way Acquisition: 2022-2023
Anticipated Start Construction: Spring 2024

Public Workshop Information:

A public workshop is anticipated to be held in the fall. The workshop is intended to seek public input on proposed alternatives for the grade separation of US 113 at SR 16 in Ellendale, Sussex County. Location, date and time of workshop will be posted once confirmed.