Project Limits:

The project is located at the US 113/SR 18/ SR 404 Intersection in Georgetown, Sussex County, Delaware.

Project Need:

The signalized intersection at US 113 and SR 18/SR 404 experiences a failing level of service (LOS) during peak hours with the worst traffic congestion occurring in the summer months. Recent and proposed development in the surrounding area and throughout the US 113 Corridor will continue to increase traffic volumes and congestion at the intersection. The proposed project was identified to address transportation needs in the US 113 Corridor Improvement Plan.

Project Overview:

The project will involve constructing a grade separated intersection located at the US 113/SR 18/ SR 404 intersection. The purpose of this project is to preserve mobility for local residents and businesses while providing highway improvements that reduce congestion, decrease frequency and severity of accidents, and accommodate anticipated growth in local, seasonal, and through traffic. The needs of the US 113 Corridor Improvement Plan in the Georgetown Area are: (1) meeting the growing traffic demand created by existing and future development; (2) addressing safety issues; (3) preserving a transportation corridor; (4) considering modal interrelationships; and (5) maintaining consistency with state and local plans for transportation systems.

Project Schedule:

Design: 2018-2020
Anticipated Right-of-Way Acquisition: 2020-2023
Anticipated Start Construction: 2023

Public Workshop Information:

Public Notice

Workshop Display Boards - Feb 27, 2018

Comment Form

A public workshop will be held at the Delaware Tech, Owens Campus on February 27, 2018. The workshop is intended to seek public input on proposed alternatives for the grade separation of US 113 at SR 18/SR 404 in Georgetown, Sussex County.