Project Name:

US 13, US 40, to Memorial Drive Pedestrian Improvements

Project Need:

US 13 (Dupont Highway) from US 40 to Memorial Drive in New Castle County has been identified by the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) as one of the corridors presenting higher than average pedestrian crash rates in the State of Delaware. Delaware has regularly ranked near the bottom when it comes to pedestrian safety and in the top 5 for pedestrian fatalities per capita.

Project Overview

Two main pedestrian safety studies have been conducted for parts of this corridor in New Castle County, Delaware. In April 2009 a safety evaluation was conducted by Urban Engineers along US 13 from Saienni Boulevard to SR 273 and along US 40 from Buckley Boulevard to the US 13 split. In August 2015, a second evaluation was conducted by Whitman Requardt and Associates (WRA) along US 13 from SR 273 to the Market Street/Walnut Street split just south of Wilmington. In 2017 Pennoni released a comprehensive study which built upon the previous evaluations and provides recommendations to improve pedestrian safety along the entire corridor.

In order to provide a complete, connected pedestrian network, the northern limits of improvements were extended from Memorial Drive to the intersection of US 13 and A Street in South Wilmington. The improvements are based on the DelDOT Pedestrian Accessibility Standards for Facilities in the Public Right of Way and the observed sidewalk connectivity deficiencies and pedestrian behavior along this corridor.

As stated the overall goal for this project is to reduce the number of pedestrian crashes and improve the safety and connectivity of the traveling public.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

The plans are currently in Preliminary Design.

Construction Phase:

The project will be broken up into segments and work will be completed as part of currently scheduled Pavement Rehabilitation and through standalone Capital projects, to reduce costs and efficiently implement the corridor improvements. Sections constructed as part of the scheduled Pavement Rehabilitation projects will begin as early as 2019; with additional funding to complete the Pennoni report's recommendations found in the 6 year DelDOT Capital Transportation Program.

Additional Info: