Project Limits:

Washington Street Extension from Philadelphia Pike to Rockwood Road, Washington Blvd from Rockwood Road to Lea Blvd, and N Washington St from Lea Blvd to E Matson Run Parkway. Although the road forms a horseshoe shape in the project area, we are calling Wilmington the “west” end of the project and Philadelphia Pike the “east” end.

Project Purpose:

The purpose of the Washington Street Extension project is to create a Complete Street that works well for everyone: people walking (especially those with disabilities), bicycling, riding transit, and driving.

Traffic Analysis:

Washington Street Extension was built as a four-lane divided highway to carry volumes of vehicular traffic that never materialized. About 9,000 vehicles use the street each day, far fewer than the road is designed to carry. For that reason it is feasible to remove one lane in each direction in a “road diet.” DelDOT has carefully analyzed every traffic signal within the project limits and found that a road diet will not create unacceptable delays for drivers. The road diet allows DelDOT to consider great facilities for people walking and bicycling without expanding the existing footprint of the street.

Current Project Schedule:

DelDOT will finalize a conceptual design report in the next couple of months after reviewing feedback from the October 20, 2016 public workshop.

Anticipated Start Date:

To be determined