Project Limits:

Approximately 350 feet east and west of the bridge along 12th Street.

Project Need:

This bridge is a multi-span steel beam structure on pile foundations. There is significant deterioration of the bearings at each joint, the beam pedestals and the joints. The existing abutments and piers have spalls and need repair and the beams need painting. The bridge was selected by the Pontis Bridge Management System for work. It has a sufficiency rating of 48.3 and was ranked 120th in the 2013 DelDOT Bridge Deficiency List

Project Overview:

This project involves performing rehabilitation work on the bridge to improve the existing condition. Rehab work will include jacking the super-structure to replace the existing bearings and beam pedestals; Replacing the joints and repairing approach roadway; Repairing spalls where needed; Painting beams and sealing abutments and piers. The substructure work will be done while the bridge is open to traffic. The super-structure work will be performed during phased construction.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed no later than March, 2017.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed by November 2017.

Additional Comments:

This project requires extensive coordination with the railroad as well as utility companies.

(Reviewed and Updated on 4/6/2016)