Project Title

BR 1-022 and 1-525 on N229 Sharpley Road over Willow Run and Husbands Run

Project Limits:

Approximately 100 feet east and 100 feet west of the bridge.

Project Need:

The existing multi-plate arch is beginning to exhibit signs of deterioration and was selected by the Pontis Bridge Management System for work. Replacement of this bridge will help the Department meet its performance measure for percentage of bridges in poor condition.

Project Overview:

This work involves the replacement of the existing multi-plate arch with a precast concrete box culvert. Additional work includes the reconstruction of the approach roadway, and placement of riprap in the stream for scour protection.
Work will be performed under a full road closure with detour.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design Completed Summer 2019

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed Spring 2020

Additional Comments:

This website is for BR 1-022. For information regarding BR 1-525 please look at BR 1-022 and BR 1-525 will be completed together.