Project Overview:

Bridge deck and beam replacement

Project Limits:

Approximately 500 feet north and south of the bridge along Clark's Corner Road.

Project Need:

This bridge is a single span adjacent box beam structure on pile foundations. The top of the fascia box beam has deteriorated along the gutter line to the point where a hole has formed. This deterioration has caused the bridge to become structurally deficient. The bridge was selected by the Pontis Bridge Management System for rehabilitation of the superstructure. It has a sufficiency rating of 67.8 and was ranked 154th in the 2016 DelDOT Bridge Deficiency List.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work was completed in January 2017.

Construction Phase:

Projected Construction Completion: December 2017.

Additional Comments:

This project requires extensive coordination DNREC and various utility companies.

Project Update:

Construction of this project began October 16, 2017 and is expected to be completed by the middle of December 2017.

(Reviewed and Updated on 12/01/2017)