Project Limits:

The project limits extend along I-95 from the split with I-495 to north of the Brandywine River. Map

Project Need

Originally built in 1964, I-95 runs through downtown Wilmington. Portions of the roadway and bridges were widened in 1978 at which time several on and off ramps were constructed. The project includes the repair of numerous bridges within the project limits including the mile-long Wilmington Viaduct which spans the Riverfront area, arterial and local streets, and Amtrak. The project continues north and includes repair of the Brandywine River Bridge. As part of the Department’s continuing program to maintain and preserve all of its bridges, repairs are performed periodically to ensure that each bridge remains safe and in good condition. Delaying certain repairs can lead to more costly and extensive repairs later, in turn creating more severe and longer traffic impacts and delays to the public. The Department has completed detailed engineering studies of the project bridges and has determined that repairs are needed to maintain the condition of each structure.

Project Overview:

The goal of this project is to keep I-95 running through the City of Wilmington in a safe, reliable condition.
Planned construction includes the repair of nineteen bridges, I-95 pavement, and ramps within the project limits. The scope of work includes;

  • removing and replacing the top 2" protective layer of concrete on the bridge decks to maintain the integrity of the underlying structural concrete
  • replacing a portion of the concrete traffic barriers and roadway expansion joints
  • painting the bridges
  • completing other steel and concrete repairs

In addition, roadway resurfacing and pavement repairs on I-95 will also occur within the project limits. I-95 will remain open during this work, but it is anticipated that one lane at a time will be closed to efficiently and safely complete the planned repairs. Closure of some ramps to and from I-95 will be required during the planned construction.

In addition to this repair work, the project also proposes to relocate the existing S. Jackson Street on ramp to north of the current location and constructing an acceleration lane along I-95 southbound to improve safety. The Department is currently evaluating alignment options for the new on ramp.

Current Project Schedule & Costs

Design Phase:

Design work will be complete by the Spring of 2020

Construction Phase:

Construction will begin in the Spring of 2021 and will last for 3 years. The Contractor will be limited to a maximum of 2 years of long-term lane closures on I-95. Ramp closures will be staggered so that access into and out of the city is maintained at all times.

Additional Comments:

Current Project Schedule & Costs
Design for the project is currently ongoing and construction is scheduled to begin in 2021. Prior to this main project, the Department plans to complete other local projects first so that traffic impacts are minimized during construction on I-95 and the associated ramps. Construction is expected to take approximately three years. This project also includes work on associated ramps including MLK Boulevard. This project requires extensive coordination with the City of Wilmington, Riverfront Development Corporation, Amtrak, and Norfolk Southern Railroad.

(Reviewed and Updated on 11/14/2018)