Project Limits:

400 feet north and south of the bridge

Project Need:

The movable portion of the bridge is inoperable; the steel superstructure exhibits heavy corrosion and section loss. This bridge is the only access road that does not have a height restriction in the region of Newport between Amtrak line and Christina River and is a road which the local businesses rely on. Replacement of this bridge is imperative to the Town of Newport. According to DelDOT Bridge Management PONTIS records, the existing bridge is in Poor condition and was built in 1929. The existing bridge is ranked 44th on the 2017 DelDOT Bridge Deficiency List.

Project Overview:

Bridge 1-159 is an inoperable movable steel superstructure bridge supported on reinforced concrete abutments and piers. Bridge 1-159 carries James Street over Christina River in Newport, Delaware. This project involves the replacement of the bridge with a prestressed concrete box beam bridge supported on new reinforced concrete abutments and piers.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work will be completed by the end of 2018, with the project schedule to advertise in early 2019.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to begin in the Summer of 2019. The first work activities include installation of erosion control measures, clearing, utility relocations, and intermittent lane closures. Once the utilities are relocated, the construction of the new bridge will begin. This work will also involve intermittent lane closures. The contract will be complete in the Summer of 2021.

Additional Comments:

The proposed construction will be off the existing alignment to ensure access throughout the project. The proposed structure will provide higher under clearance to allow for recreational boating.