Virtual Workshop

BR 3-150 N&S on SR1 over Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.

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Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for the public to view the project information and to reduce the costs involved in traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding rehabilitation of BR 3-150 N&S on SR1 over Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.

[Bridge Photos] Bridge 3-150 N&S has been identified by DelDOT's bridge management system as being in need of repair. The bridges are located in Rehoboth Beach on SR1 over the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal. There is significant delamination of the deck and damage to the approach slabs due to settlement. Several of the beams are misaligned. The joints and bearings are in need of replacement. The abutments and piers have significant spalls and need repair. There is also guardrail damage and the joints need replacement.

[Construction Plan] [Zoom in around project limits] This project involves the replacement of the concrete decks on Bridge 3-150 N&S. Additional work includes replacing the approach slabs, correcting the vertical alignment, replacing the joints, replacing the bearings, realigning the beams, repairing concrete spalls in the substructure and girders, strengthening the concrete piers, sealing the concrete abutments and piers, and stabilizing the canal banks. Lighting will also be added to the bridge. The approach roadway will be milled and overlayed to provide a smooth riding surface and guardrail will be replaced.

[Bridge Plan, Section, and Elevation] | [Typical Section] The bridge decks will be replaced in kind with cast-in-place concrete decks. To minimize future maintenance, link slabs will be constructed at the drop-in girder spans and a slab over backwall detail will be constructed to eliminate joints on the bridge. Strip seal expansion joints will be installed at the end of the approach slabs. Piers will be strengthened with a fiber reinforced polymer wrap.

[Maintainance of Traffic ( View1 | View 2)] In order to provide a safe work zone for construction workers and roadway users, the construction work will be performed by closing the northbound and southbound bridges separately and shifting all traffic (NB and SB) using crossovers to a single bridge. Traffic will be reduced to two lanes in the SB direction and a single lane in the NB direction across the bridge in Phases 2 and 3. This phasing option allows the construction to be completed in the least amount of time by allowing the contractor full access to the bridge to complete the required work, while maintaining access to all businesses, residences and roadway users in the project area. The construction for this project is expected to be completed in four (4) phases between October 2019 and April 2020:

  1. Construct NB and SB median crossovers in the median
  2. Demolish NB bridge deck and complete rehabilitation of NB bridge including new northbound travel lanes, shoulder and sidewalk.
  3. Demolish SB bridge deck and complete rehabilitation of SB bridge, including new southbound travel lanes, shoulder and sidewalk.
  4. Shift traffic back to normal traffic patterns and remove crossovers.

[Digital Detour Map] Detour Map of the area.

[Right of Way Plan] All work on this project will be performed within the existing Right-of-Way.

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