Project Limits:

Approximately 1200 feet north and south of the bridge along US 13 Southbound.

Project Need:

The existing concrete arch is structurally and hydraulically deficient. It was selected by DelDOT's Pontis Bridge Management System for work. The concrete arch is deteriorated with significant spalling, cracks, and corrosion of exposed bar reinforcement. The existing structure also has severe scour concerns. There is also a sight distance issue, posing a major safety concern at the nearby intersection of Blackbird Forest Road. Thus, a project has been initiated to replace this structure.

Project Overview:

This project involves the entire removal of the concrete arch structure along US 13 Southbound. It shall be replaced with prestressed, precast concrete box beams and concrete deck on concrete abutments. It shall also place riprap in the stream for scour protection for both bridges 1-488 N&S, and place guardrail as needed. The project will also significantly raise the roadway profile of Southbound 13 using of MSE walls. This will make the road safer by increasing the sight distance.

Project Timeline

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed no later than Summer 2019

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed Spring 2020