Project Limits:

Deck and approaches of BR 1-680 on SR 141 over US 13

Project Need:

There is significant spalling and delaminating of the existing concrete deck. The deck has full depth spalls and exposed rebar at multiple locations. The existing steel girders have been impacted by over height trucks multiple times per year because of the substandard under clearance. Due to the under clearance, the bridge is classified as Functionally Obsolete.

Project Overview:

This project involves the replacement of the existing concrete deck with a pre-cast concrete deck. The sidewalk on the SB side will be removed to allow the sidewalk on the NB side to be widened. Existing vertical clearance will be increased a few inches by jacking the bridge up. The project will be done under a full road closure with detours for vehicles and pedestrians.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work has been completed.

Construction Phase:

The bridge was closed to traffic on October 9th re-opened to traffic on March 22nd when the majority of bridge work was completed including replacing the deck with pre-cast concrete panels. Remaining work which will affect traffic will be done on weekends from Friday night until Monday morning. This work includes reconstructing the ramps and placing a protective overlay on the bridge deck. Message boards and public notices will be placed several days in advance of weekend closures and detours will be posted.

Additional Comments:

This will be an accelerated project and the contractor will be awarded incentive payments for early completion and disincentive charges for late completion. Lane modifications will be made to eliminate stop conditions at the on-ramps.
Similar construction was recently performed on Bridge 1-717 carrying I-95 Northbound over SR1/SR7. A time lapse video of construction can be found here. (YouTube Video)

(Reviewed and Updated on 11/27/2017)