Project Limits:

Approximately 150 ft east and west of the bridge.

Project Need:

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, a great deal of debris and limbs flowed into the pipes on Tuckers Road. As a result, the existing corrugated metal pipes failed and the road washed out. Tuckers Road is currently closed.

Location Map

Project Overview:

This project involves the replacement of the existing corrugated metal pipes with adjacent precast slab beams on a Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (G.R.S.) abutment. A integrated bridge system was chosen at this site to prevent future failures due to debris and because of the long span. Additional work includes minor reconstruction of the approach roadway and placement of riprap in the stream to prevent scour.

Project Timeline

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed no later than Spring 2013.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to be completed in late February 2014. Once the work begins, it will take about 1 month to complete.

Construction Updates:

4/11/2014 - Tuckers Road is open to traffic.

4/2/2014 - Paving is scheduled for Tuesday 4/8. In the meantime the contractor is working on the stream bank restoration and general clean-up of the site. Weather permitting road should be reopened by 4/11/2014.

3/25/2014 - The construction of both abutments is complete, the stream bed has been restored and the stream diversion has been removed. On March 24, 2014 the prestressed concrete deck beams were placed. The contractor continues to backfill the abutments and place riprap to restore the stream bank. Weather permitting the contractor should be able to pave the road the first week of April and the road reopened.

03/04/2014 - The contractor worked extra hours this weekend in advance of the storm and was able to complete placing block on the East abutment to a point where the placement of the geosynthetic layers and block facing can proceed regardless of the stream water level. The West Abutment is complete and ready for placement of the precast beams. The only work remaining that requires the stream diversion is placement of the stream bed. The diversion will be maintained by utilizing the two 36" bypass pipes. The contractor will continue to work on the East abutment until the stream level recedes to allow placement of the stream bed. Due to high water the schedule was extended two weeks and the expected completion is in early April, weather permitting.

02/19/2014 - As of today (2/19) the contractor continues to place block on the West Abutment. The work has progressed to a point where the placement of the geosynthetic layers and block facing can proceed on the West abutment regardless of the stream water level. Presently the excavation is underwater so no work is possible on the East abutment. Due to the recent storm events the stream level has topped the weir despite the placement the two 36" bypass pipes placed to aid the two 12" pumps in the stream diversion. Once the stream level recedes work will resume to dewater the excavation and proceed with construction of the East abutment. The expected completion is in mid-March, weather permitting.

01/27/2014 - The stream has receded enough that the contractor was able to re-establish the stream diversion using the two 12" pumps. The site has been dewatered as of this morning (1/27) and the contractor has begun preparation for establishing the alternate stream bypass that was developed to alleviate the inability of the two 12" pumps keeping up with the very high water levels resulting from the frequent storm events. The contractor is preparing the stream bed for placement of the dual 36" diameter bypass pipes. The contractor anticipates completing the placement of the pipes, sandbagging the ends and removing the sheet pile weir by 1/30/2014. Upon completion the contractor can resume construction of the footers and placement of the CMU blocks. Weather permitting completion is expected by the end of February 2014.

01/06/2014 - The contractor has completed the installation of the well point system. The system has effectively lowered the ground water to allow the excavation for the footers. The contractor has completed the placement of the abutment footers. Unfortunately there continues to be periodic rain events that increase the stream level to the point where the two 12" pumps are unable to prevent the stream from breaching the weir. Once the water level subsides and the stream diversion is re-established, we can assess whether or not the footers were compromised. The contractor is having difficulty maintaining the required 1:1 slope of the excavation due to the sandy soils. Completion is expected in late February 2014.


12/13/2013 - The contractor was able to make progress placing the stone subgrade despite the wet conditions.


Rain events earlier in the week increased the level of the stream causing another cresting over the sheet pile dam.

The contractor has continued pumping the stream diversion with the two 12" pumps and as of 12/13/2013 the water level has began to drop. Once the stream diversion is re-established the dewatering of the site will begin. The contractor has obtained the necessary permit from DNREC to install well points. Once the site is sufficiently dewatered the well point installation will begin. At this point the completion date is approximately three weeks behind schedule and is conditional upon receiving the permit from DNREC. Completion is expected in early February 2014.


December 5th, 2013 - The contractor continued pumping the stream diversion with the larger 12" pump that was able to handle the flow. Heavy rain that occurred during the week of November 25th increased the stream flow requiring the use of a second 12" pump to maintain the stream diversion. The contractor continued to excavate but encountered a significant amount of ground water and running sand (see photo below). The amount of water has prevented excavation to the necessary depth to allow construction of the structure. The contractor will apply to DNREC for the necessary permits to install well points to attempt to control the groundwater. At this point the completion date is approximately two weeks behind schedule and is conditional upon receiving the permit from DNREC. Completion is expected in late January 2014.

November 22, 2013 - Work began as scheduled on Monday, November 18. The Contractor, George & Lynch, has installed all the Erosion and Sediment Control measures around the perimeter of the work area, constructed the sheeting for the stream diversion, and began pumping the stream flow around. George & Lynch has also installed the sump pit and began dewatering the excavation area. This weekend, they plan to begin removal of the road and existing pipes in preparation for constructing the new structure. Weather permitting, the road should be reopened before the end of the year.

November 15, 2013 - The Contractor, George & Lynch, is ready to begin construction activities on Monday, November 18. Their proposed schedule has them working six days per week to meet the contract duration of 26 calendar days. By the end of next week, they anticipate having the stream diversion in place, the existing corrugated metal pipes removed, and the excavation for the new structure complete. Weather permitting, the road should be reopened before the end of the year.

Additional Comments:

Our Real Estate section acquired the necessary agreements to access the site on August 21st after working with adjacent property owners. As of 9/13 the bids received are being reviewed to ensure balanced bidding occurred. On 10/3/13 a construction contract was awarded to George & Lynch. They are allowed up to 30 days to respond.

As of October 4, survey stake outs for utility relocations are complete. Utilities companies are scheduled to relocate no later than October 31st. A pre-construction meeting was held with George and Lynch on October 14. They are to start work on or before November 4th. They have 26 calendar days from the time they start work to complete the work.

As of November 1, the Contractor has experienced a delay in receiving the materials to construct the structure, so construction will begin on November 18. Once construction begins, there will be weekly progress updates on the website.