In the late 1970s and early 1980s, DelDOT replaced several hundred short span timber bridges with corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culverts, as shown in the above photo. These were inexpensive solutions to replace aging bridges at the time. However, they have reached the end of their service life and require replacement.

In an effort to get through the backlog of locations needing replacement, the Department advertised a contract in late 2016 to replace twenty-eight of these bridge-length CMP’s over a four year period.

The contract will be administered via the design-build contracting method. This means that DelDOT will select a team comprised of a contractor and engineering consultant through an evaluation process that considers both qualifications and price. The team that offers the best value through this process will be awarded the contract.

The twenty-eight locations are statewide and are listed below. The selected design-build team is required to perform public outreach during the design process for each location. This outreach will include updates to the web page for each location. In the meantime, click on the link below to find out background information for each site.

New Castle County

Bridge ID Road Name Stream Crossing
1183 282 McKennans Church Road Hyde Run
1420 461 Maryland Line Road Tributary to Sassafras River
1454 465 Eagle’s Nest Road Saw Mill Branch
1455 466 Deer Run Road Saw Mill Branch
1615 021 SR48 Newport Gap Pike Hyde Run
1616 021 SR48 Newport Gap Pike Hyde Run

Kent County

Bridge ID Road Name Stream Crossing
2066A 066 White Oak Road Little River
2113B 113 Cattail Branch Road Hyde Run
2303A 303 High Stump Road Tributary to Sassafras River
2371B 371 Barratts Chapel Road Tributary to Blackbird Creek
2384C 384 Killens Pond Road Saw Mill Branch
2442A 442 Abbotts Pond Rd Saw Mill Branch

Sussex County

Bridge ID Road Name Stream Crossing
3132 565 Sunnyside Road Gum Branch
3139 597 Tuckers Road West Branch
3236 046 Elks Road Tributary to Hearn's Pond
3317 024 SR24 Laurel Road Tributary to Trap Pond
3323 447 Johnson Road Wileys Pond
3335 515 Bacons Road Meadow Branch
3441 382 Armory Road Herring Branch
3564 413 Firemans Road Gum Branch
3576 064 Whitesville Road North Fork Green Run
3626 608 Ellendale Forest Road Maple Marsh & Beaver Dam Branch
3627 606 Sammons Road Maple Marsh & Beaver Dam Branch
3630 593 Maple Branch Road Maple Marsh & Beaver Dam Branch
3913 016 SR16 Beach Highway West Branch
3914 016 SR16 Beach Highway Stallion Head Branch
3914A 016 SR16 Beach Highway Tributary to Stallion Head Branch
3923 224 Fleatown Road Swiggets Pond

Project Timeline:

  • Contract Advertisement – Contract was awarded to Zack Excavating in April 2017
  • Contract Execution and Notice to Proceed – Contract was executed n May 2017, with the NTP anticipated to be issued in mid-June 2017
  • Design and Construction of twenty-eight Locations – June 2017 through June 2021

(Reviewed and Updated on 05/31/2017)