Virtual Workshop

BR 3-507 on US113 over Iron Branch

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Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for the public to view the project information and to reduce the costs involved in traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding the rehabilitation of BR 2-031A on BR 3-507 on U.S. 113 over Iron Branch.

[Bridge Photos] Bridge 3-507 has been identified by DelDOT’s bridge management system as being in need of repair. It has concrete encased beams that were constructed in 1916 and then widened with two additional frame portions allowing U.S. 113 to have two-lanes in both the South and North directions.

Photo 1: Approach Roadway
Photo 2: Degradation of Concrete Encased Beams
Photo 3: Channel/Frame Condition
Photo 4: Structure End Elevation

[Construction Plan] The concrete encased beams are over 100 years old, they were installed in 1916 and the bridge was widened in 1946 and 1965 with three-sided reinforced concrete frames.

The construction plan sheet shows the limits of construction and the proposed portion to be replaced, including the location of the proposed wingwalls and drainage pipes/inlets. Only the southbound lanes will be affected by this project.

[Bridge Plan, Section and Elevation:] As seen on the Bridge Plan, Section and Elevation sheet, DelDOT proposes to replace the southbound portions with a precast reinforced concrete frame The choice of precast (built off-site) over cast-in-place (built on-site) was due to the surrounding environmental factors and number of residents living close by the structure. The new bridge will be similar in length to the existing bridge and will include replacements of the wingwalls. The road geometry will not change. Additionally, riprap will be placed into the streambed and along the wingwalls to protect the proposed bridge from scour and erosion of the stream channel. This work should take no more than 14 days to complete and is scheduled to occur in Spring, 2019.

[Maintenance of Traffic] Because of the nature of the work and DelDOT’s commitment to safety of the public, a portion of the roadway will be closed for the duration of the project. The southbound lanes of U.S. 113 will be closed for 14 days in order to complete this rehabilitation of BR 3-507.

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