Project Limits:

The proposed operational and capacity improvements for this project will take place at the Cedar Lane Road and Marl Pit Road Intersection. Improvements on the western northern and eastern sides of the project extend around 600 feet from the middle of the intersection, and 700 feet south of the intersection where the Cedar Lane Road widens at the Parkside development entrance. Multi-use path will be added from the sidewalk on W Middlepark Drive to the roundabout.

Project Need:

The intersection improvements were identified as part of the Cedar Lane Road, Boyds Corner Road to Marl Pit Road project (T200712005). The current 4-way stop controlled intersection experiences long delays during the morning and evening peak times. This project addresses these operational and capacity deficiencies.

Project Description:

The project will reconfigure the existing 4-way stop controlled intersection at Cedar Lane Road and Marl Pit Road to a roundabout. Shoulders will be added on the four approaches to the roundabout. Some drainage work will also be needed. Additionally, pedestrian improvements will be made by adding multi-use paths around the roundabout. The multi-use path will extend southward to the sidewalk on W. Middlepark Drive at the Parkside development entrance and eastward along Marl Pit Road.

Project Timeline:

Anticipated Start Date: Design and right of way acquisitions are to be completed in 2018.

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2018.

Anticipated completion - To be determined.

List of scheduled meetings:

A public workshop was held Tuesday, February 21, 2017
(4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) at Alfred G. Waters Middle School Cafeteria.

(Reviewed and Updated on 11/21/2017)