Project Overview:

Project improvements include:

  • Sidewalk addition and curb ramp improvements
  • Modifications to ramp movement off of SR 7 Southbound to address weaves from the ramp onto Continental Drive
  • Left turn lanes on Westbound Churchmans Road at the intersection of Continental Drive will be extended
  • The current lane drop on Westbound Churchmans Road to the intersection at Christiana Hospital will be extended, which will turn into the new right turn lane into the Center Point Shopping Center
  • .

Project Need:

This is identified in the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) site E in 2006. Existing traffic concerns include:

  • SR 7 southbound traffic into westbound Churchmans Road weaving from right-turn lane across three lanes of traffic into left-turn lanes to Continental Drive
  • Lack of sidewalk system connectivity

Project Timeline:

Construction will begin Spring 2017 and will be substantially completed Fall 2017.

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/22/2017)