Existing Delaware Coast Line Railroad Crossing located on Lewes Georgetown Highway (US9) at Cool Springs Road (S290).

Project Need:

Railroad tracks need to be replaced to correct the deteriorated concrete crossing surface that is no longer repairable and causes unsafe crossing for traveling public and railroad cars.

Proposed Improvements:

  • Construct new railroad tracks and crossing to provide for a smooth crossing.
  • Replacement of track allows trains to operate at constant speed minimizing the duration of the road crossing for the traveling public.

Traffic Management:

  • Regional Truck detours will include Route 30, Route 16, and SR1
  • Local detours will utilize Fisher Road and Dairy Farm Road
  • Adjustments to signal timings along detour routes
  • Use of traffic cameras to monitor traffic conditions real time and use of message boards to provide information to motorists

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Construction Phase: