Project Name

T201207603 Hearns Pond Dam Improvements

Project Limits

The improvements are located north of Seaford, Delaware off Bridgeville Highway (US 13A), and Hearns Pond Road at Hearns Pond Dam.

Project Need

Hearns Pond Dam was overtopped during storms of August 11, 2001 and June 25, 2006. The dam was damaged by both storms. Because of these failures, DNREC funded a study to evaluate the condition and potential hazards of the dam and develop alternatives to bring the dam into conformance with Delaware Dam Safety Regulations. The study indicated that the spillway and bridge at Hearns Pond Dam did not have capacity to convey discharge from the required Design Storm event. Therefore, rehabilitation of the dam was necessary to bring it into conformance with Dam Safety Regulations.

Project Overview

The rehabilitation consisted of replacing the spillway and the twin box culverts at the dam with a larger spillway and a larger bridge/culvert to pass flow during the 100 year storm event, and provide embankment overtopping protection that allows safe passage of the design storm event. A new low level outlet gate with manual operator has been provided to allow manipulation and drawdown of the lake level. The new larger spillway is constructed of concrete and semi-circular in plan, slightly greater than 100 feet long measured along the curve. New twin box culverts are 20 feet wide and nearly 10 feet high. The earth embankments is armored using precast articulated concrete blocks. The concrete blocks are covered with topsoil and seeded along the downstream slope. The boat ramp has been re-oriented to facilitate access. The top of the earth dam has been raised on both ends by about 1.25 feet.

Project Schedule:

Anticipated Completion Date:

Construction began in the Summer of 2016 and was completed in July of 2017 and re-opened to the public.

(Reviewed and Updated on 08/23/2017)