Project Limits:

The Howell School Road Project includes road improvements from just west of the Denny Road/SR 896 (Summit Bridge Road) intersection to the intersection at Robert People Boulevard. The total project length is 1.10 miles. Additional pedestrian improvements were added from Lexington Parkway/ Airdrie Drive intersection to SR 896.

Project Need:

The Howell School Road project is needed to improve safety and overall traffic operations along the entire roadway and at the intersections of Howell School Road/SR 896 and Denny's Road/SR 896. Alleviating the poor drainage conditions along the roadway will create a safer roadway and preserve the road surface. The project also includes providing bicycle and pedestrian safety to the Lums Pond State Park.

Project Description:

The project includes eliminating the existing "dog-leg"; intersection formed by Howell School Road/Denny Road/State Route 896. The project will also include some widening for adding turn lanes at intersections along the corridor.

Howell School Road will be realigned with Denny Road at SR 896, creating a single intersection at SR 896. The Meadow Glen Subdivision access at Route 896 will be eliminated and Meadow Glen Drive will gain access from the relocated Howell School Road.

Howell School Road will be widened to provide 11-foot lanes with 5-foot shoulders from SR 896 to Lums Pond. The project also includes a separated multi use path along the south side of Howell School Road to provide improved bicycle/pedestrian access from Meadow Glen and Caravel Woods Subdivisions to Lums Pond State Park. An additional multi use will be constructed along south side of Denny's Road (Lexington Parkway/Airdrie Drive intersection) to SR 896. A roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Howell School Road and Robert Peoples Boulevard. The roundabout will improve access and safety entering and exiting Caravel Woods.

Other features of the proposed project include utility relocations, landscaping at the relocated Meadow Glen Subdivision entrance, stormwater management measures, and improvements to the Lums Pond State Park entrance. The existing drainage swales throughout the corridor will be relocated due to the impact from the widening of the roadway.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

Design, right of way acquisitions, and environmental permitting in 2008-2015. Begin construction in early 2016.

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date

Construction anticipated to be completed by Summer 2018

Reviewed and Updated on 04/20/2018