Churchman's Crossing

Program Description:

This project entailed rebuilding the Churchman's Road Bridge over I-95. The new bridge was put in place with 1 lane in each directions and full shoulders on both sides. The new bridge also included a separate bicycle/pedestrian path. The old bridge was completely removed. This work was part of a multi-year, multi-project Turnpike Improvement Program that has included work at Churchman's Road/SR 7 Intersection, the upcoming I-95 5th Lane Widening project and will also include the future work at the SR1/I-95 Mall Interchange.

Project Need:

The existing bridge was over 40 years old and had experience severe deterioration in the beams and superstructure. A full analysis was conducted to determine whether to try rehabilitation projects or construct a new bridge. It was determine that a new bridge was the most costs effective solution.

Project Limits:

The project ran along Churchman's Road over I-95, going from the entrance at Geoffrey Drive (Office Max/Borders shops) to Addison Drive (entrance to Cavaliers Country Club)

Project Costs and Schedules:

  • The Final construction costs was $17M.
  • The project was scheduled to be completed in 2 years, finishing in Fall 2005. Due to some unforeseen issues and changes, the project went in 2006 finishing in the Fall 06.

Project Highlights:

  • DelDOT maintained all 4 lanes along I-95 in each direction during peak hours. This was done even as the contractor had cranes set up in the median areas of I-95.
  • The project closed I-95 completely in 1 direction to set the steel for the new bridge and to remove the steel from the old bridge during demolition. Elaborate detours were put into place during the closures and each morning the contractor would open the lanes back up to traffic by 5:00 am.
  • The contractor would often reduce lanes at night to give him more work area, to bring in and remove materials, etc
  • The new bridge was designed for not only the I-95 5th Lane Widening project but also any future work along the CD road systems in DelDOT long Range Plan.