The Newport Viaduct


Project Overview:

The Newport Viaduct and its associated ramps were constructed and opened to traffic in the early 1970. After nearly 40 years in service, the bridge is in need of repair to ensure its continued long term reliability. The rehabilitation work includes replacing joints in the deck, milling off the top portion of the deck and installing a waterproof concrete overlay, steel repairs, bearing replacements, painting the structural steel, concrete spall repairs,replacement of approach slabs, portions of the abutments and drainage improvements.

Project Limits:

The project limits extend along SR 141 from the I-95 /141 interchange to Burnside Boulevard. The total length of the project is 6,000 feet including the 2,000 foot long Newport Viaduct

Project Need:

The interchange area currently experiences congestion during the morning and afternoon peak hours. As a result of the high number of congestion related accidents, the location has been identified for safety improvements in the Department's Hazard Elimination Program (HEP). Proposed improvement will address the safety issues. In addition, the four SR141 bridges over I-95 are approaching an age which may require rehabilitation or replacement. Since the proposed improvements cover a large area, we anticipate developing multiple improvement projects. These projects will most likely be independent of one another in design, funding, scheduling and construction.

Current Project Schedule:

  • Construction Starts: Spring of 2011
  • Construction Complete: Tentatively scheduled to be completed by September 2014
    During construction, the current 2 lanes in each direction will remain open however traffic shifts will be required. At nights and on weekends, traffic may be reduced to one lane in each direction and there and there may be temporary detours of associated ramps.




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Ahmad Faqiri, P.E. 
Project Manager

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