I-95 NB to US 202 Ramps


Project Overview:

The project involved, among other things: 

  • Widened the ramp from I-95 NB to US202 NB from one to two lanes. This also involved extending the ramp's two lanes on I-95 NB approaching the interchange from just north of the Brandywine River Bridge (for a total of four lanes on I-95 NB in this location).
  • Extended and realigned the two lane ramp from US202 SB to I-95 SB further down I-95 to address current design standards.
  • Removed the existing I-95 SB to SR202 SB loop ramp and relocated it to become a directional ramp that ties into US202 at a new traffic signal.
  • Lowered I-95 SB in the vicinity of the existing US202 Bridge over I-95 to address an existing vertical clearance problem.
  • Bridge Rehabilitations, and concrete pavement reconstruction on US202.

Please see the graphic that shows a schematic of the completed project.. Please also see link to Blue Ball Projects Web Site of information from Public Meetings.

Project Limits:

The project limits involved the entire I-95/US 202 Interchange, and also included a reconstruction of I-95 both NB and SB, from the Brandywine River Bridge to US 202.

Project Need:

The US202/I-95 Interchange was reconstructed to address existing and future operational and safety issues.

Current Project Schedule:

  • Construction Started: December 2011
  • Construction Completed: November 2015



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