EZPass Lane Construction

Program Description:

This project entails construction of multiple Highway Speed EZ Pass lanes through the I-95 Newark Toll Plaza. The EZ Pass lanes will be similar to what DelDOT has incorporated at both the Biddles Toll Plaza and the Dover Toll Plaza along SR 1.  The project will include work on some booths and a new walkway at the satellite plaza.

Project Need:

The I-95 Newark Toll facility experiences substantial backups during many of the holiday and weekend time periods. Some of the backups can be attributed to volumes of travelers, high percentages of slower moving trucks, as well as limited processing by the booths. Through the utilization of Highway Speed EZ Pass lanes, travelers will be able to drive straight through the plaza at current highway speeds. DelDOT has demonstrated the success with this technology at both SR 1 Toll Facilities with no impact to revenue collections.

Project Scope

Project Limits:

All work is within the I-95 corridor and will begin at the SR 896 Interchange and will end around Otts Chapel Road bridge. [View Map]

Project Costs and Schedules:

The project is in the construction phase and began in early 2010. At over $ 30M dollars, this project was funded through the ARRA program. The prime contractor is A-Del Construction out of Newark Delaware. The project is scheduled for completion Summer 2011.

Project Highlights:

  • The project will maintain many of the toll collection lanes during construction to ensure revenues and toll collections are limited in disruption.
  • Current pay lanes can process about 350-400 vehicles/hour. Highway Speed EZ Pass lanes can process approximately 2000 vehicles/hour.

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