Churchman's Crossing

Program Description:

This project entails rehabilitation of the ramps within the I-95/896 Interchange. The project will include pavement work and some minor geometric improvements on two of the ramps to improvement safety and traffic flow.

Project Need:

The ramps have come up on the pavement rehabilitation lists and are in need of repair. Also one of the ramps has a flat area (where a toll plaza was once stationed) and it will be realigned to meet the existing curvature of the ramp. Finally, one of the ramps has a tight curvature. We will be heightening the curb and the retaining wall in that area.

Project Limits:

All work is within the I-95/SR 896 interchange.

Project Costs and Schedules:

  • The project has not bid yet.
  • The project is scheduled to start in June 2007 and be finished by Fall 2007.

Project Highlights:

  • Most work will be done under ramp closures at night.
  • Ramps will generally be re-opened in the morning hours for traffic.