Project Limits:

Improvements are proposed along approximately one half mile section of Jamison Corner Road North of Boyds Corner Road. Improvements will also take place at the Boyds Corner Road and Cedar Lane Road intersection.

Project Need:

As a result of the planned development and the projected increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the Southern New Castle County area. DelDOT has started the process to make roadway improvement for multiple roadways in this area. Funding for the improvements will include Federal, State and private developer contributions.

Project Overview:

This project will realign Jamison Corner Road with the Boyds Corner Road and Cedar Lane Road intersection. Improvements will include 12-foot travel lanes, 8-foot shoulders and a 10-foot shared use path.

Project Schedule:

This project is currently in the construction phase

Right-of-way acquisition - Completed

Anticipated Start of Construction – Spring 2018

Anticipated End of Construction – Spring 2019

(Reviewed and Updated on 11/21/2017)