Project Update – Workshop Summary and Department Recommendations

Project Limits:

The proposed safety improvements are located at the intersection of Mill Creek Road and Stoney Batter Road. The limits of the project extend 0.15 miles north along Mill Creek Road, 0.20 miles south along Stoney Batter Road, and 0.20 miles east along Mill Creek Road.

Project Need:

This project was identified in the Hazard Elimination Program (HEP) due to high crash rates. 50 Crashes were reported over a six year period between Jan. 2005 and Feb. 2011. 11 of the crashes resulted in personal injury and one was alcohol related.

During the morning peak, the predominant movement is northbound from Stoney Batter Road to eastbound Mill Creek Road. During the afternoon peak, the predominant movement is reversed.

Project Overview

Proposed improvements include reconfiguring the geometry of the intersection by reconstructing the three approaches to improve safety and traffic flow. The proposed plan will create a roundabout. Please click here for a depiction of the roundabout as shown in the December 8th, 2015 public workshop.

Project Schedule

Anticipated/Actual Start Date
Anticipated/Actual Start Date: Spring 2019
Anticipated completion Date: December 2019

Reviewed and Updated on 08/22/2017)