April 2014

The Old Porter Road project includes the construction of bike lanes on both sides of Old Porter Road and the realignment of the Old Porter Road and SR 71 intersection. Concept design was completed in 2005. Final design and construction are not currently funded or scheduled.

There is an active design project that was identified as part of DelDOT's Hazard Elimination Program (HEP) that includes proposed safety improvements at the intersection of Old Porter Road and SR 71. Final design has begun, with construction funding currently proposed to be available beginning in FY13.

Meridian Crossing II, a proposed residential development along Old Porter Road, has been required by DelDOT and New Castle County to fund the reconstruction of a sharp curve within the project area. This curve has been identified as a significant location where safety improvements are needed. Final design is complete for the curve reconstruction; however, a construction schedule has not been established.

(Reviewed and Updated on 2/1/2017)