Recovery Act Updates

Dover - DelDOT was allocated $140.9 million in highway, bridges, pedestrian and transit-related projects through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). DelDOT successfully met its deadline of February 17, 2010, to obligate all funds. All the contracts have been awarded.

DelDOT's American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Projects
Update - September 5, 2012

 I-95 Newark Toll Plaza: Reconstruct and reconfigure the Newark Toll Plaza to incorporate two highway speed E-ZPass lanes in the northbound and southbound lanes. This project is located on I-95 near the Delaware/Maryland state line. Contractor A-Del Construction Company; Project bid amount $32,662,529.47. The contractor began work on April 12, 2010. 479 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: June 30, 2011.

 Dover Transit Center: This multi-modal Dover Transfer Center will be located at the former George & Lynch property at the intersection of Water and Queen Streets in Dover. The first phase of the project will include a bus loop for 14 buses, parking, and stormwater management. The site will be designed for a future 30,000 square foot office building. Costs: $5.7 million to be obligated in the one-year timeframe. R. E. Pierson began construction the week of May 31, 2010. Buses began to use the facility on December 13, 2010.Completed: December 13, 2010

 Buses, Sussex County: This project is part of a bus purchase and replacement program, which allocates new buses throughout the state. Costs: $1.9 million. This project will allow DART to continue to provide reliable service to customers.Completed: June 25, 2010.

  Market Street Safety Project - Wilmington:  This project would elevate the roadway out of the 10 year floodplain; reducing the impact flooding has on residents and businesses. The contract will also add the following streetscaping: sidewalks, and trees. Improvements also include undergrounding utilities. The limits are Market Street from "A" Street to just north of the Market/Walnut Street intersection. Bid opening date was Tuesday, June 8. The contract was awarded to Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc., on July 9, 2010 with a bid amount of $4,430,809.05. The construction began on August 30, 2010 with a 684 calendar day project.Completed: July 2, 2012.

 Bridge Maintenance, Bridge Painting: project involves the rehabilitation of interstate bridges on I-495 and I-95 in New Castle County. Construction began on November 4; Contractor Marinis Brothers, Inc.; Project bid amount $1,983,919.30; 334 Calendar Day Contract.This project was completed as of December 17, 2010.

  Bridge Painting, South District: This project involves removal and replacement of the structural steel coating on the following bridges: Bridge 2-021A Rehoboth Boulevard in Milford completed June 21, 2011; Bridge 3-151 Front Street bridge painting completed December 9, 2011; and Bridge 3-154 Savannah Road in Lewes completed November 18, 2011. Contractor Marinis Brothers, Inc.; Project bid amount $837,286.38; 187 Calendar Day Contract.

Completed December 9, 2011.

 New Castle County Greenway Industrial Track, Phase I: Construct a trail along an abandoned railroad corridor owned by the state from Route 273 across Boulden Boulevard to the Suburban Little League facility. The first day of work was October 19, 2009. The work was suspended because of winter conditions until the spring of 2010. Contractor Diamond Materials, LLC; Project bid amount $626,945.32; 89 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: October 2, 2010.

 Bridge Maintenance, I-495: This project involves replacing expansion joints; joint seals; compression seals and pourable seals; milling and overlay deck; cleaning and painting bridges on I-495. Construction began on September 9; Contractor Eastern Highway Specialists; Project bid amount $2,099,140.85; 234 Calendar Day Contract.

Completed: February 24, 2011.

 Hockessin Streetscape/Drainage Project: Valley Road to Erickson Drive along Old Lancaster Pike; Construction began on September 11; Contractor Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc.; Project bid amount $1,710.270.75; Replacement and repair of sidewalks, ADA curb ramps upgrades, decorative crosswalks, drainage improvements, decorative lighting, upgraded signage and landscaping; 285 Calendar Day Contract.  Completed: September 30, 2010.

 Bridge Maintenance-Bridge 1-325 on Otts Chapel Road over Persimmon Run: This project will replace the existing corrugated metal pipes with a double cell precast concrete box culvert. In addition, there will be reconstruction of the roadway approaches, guardrails, and place riprap in the stream for scour protection. Contractor JJID, Inc.; Project bid amount $792,378.38; 112 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: August 30, 2010.

 Centreville Streetscape/Traffic Calming: This is a streetscape improvements project within Centreville from Center Meeting Road to Snuff Mill Road. This project consists of repair/replacement of brick and or concrete sidewalks, Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades to curb ramps, drainage improvements, crosswalks, signing and striping, paving and landscaping. Construction began on December 14, 2009. A utility delay has occurred at the start of work. Contractors CNS Construction Corporation and Talley Brothers, Inc. (joint venture); Project bid amount $1,284,097.37; 299 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: May 1, 2011.

  DART Mid-County Facility: DART has identified the need to expand its maintenance facilities located at the intersection of Routes 72 and 113. The project involves construction of a six-bay maintenance facility, associated parts inventory, shop areas, support spaces, office space, training library and mechanic locker rooms and lounge. The 22,176 square foot building will be designed to expand to ten-bays. Fixed route bus parking is expanded to 50 buses and paratransit to 48 buses. Employees moved into the new maintenance garage on February 28, 2011. Employee parking is expanded to 135 spaces. The construction began in December 2009; Contractor Commonwealth Construction; Project bid amount $5,510,000; 379 Calendar Day Contract.  Completed: Feb 15, 2011.

 U.S. 13, Route 8 Intersection Improvements: This project involves the installation of a second Northbound U.S. 13 left turn lane on to westbound Route 8. The Southbound US 13 left turn lane will be extended 150 feet to the north to allow additional storage for vehicles heading east on Route 8. The project will also include installation of a new traffic signal and pedestrian amenities. Sealed bids were received on Tuesday, July 20, 2010. 17 Calendar Days Contract.Completed: November 20, 2010.

  Solar Energy Program: This project will retrofit Delaware Transit Corporation facilities with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to generate costs savings through reductions of fossil fuel energy use. The power will be used to power lighting, computers, air conditioning, and other daily electric loads of the buildings. Sealed bids will be received on August 3, 2010. The project has been awarded to Ray Angelini, Inc.

Completed: April 30, 2012.

 I-95 Concrete Medians Replacement: This project involves replacement of concrete median barrier on I-95. Construction began on September 21; Contractor JJID Inc.; Project bid amount $1,510,922.20; 70 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: December 1, 2009

 I-95 Newark Toll Plaza-Transportation Management Project: This project involves new striping, signage, signal modifications, and turn lane extensions/improvements at various intersections prior to the construction of the E-Z Pass lanes at I-95 Newark Toll Plaza. Locations: Intersection of Route 896 and Old Baltimore Pike; intersection of Route 4 and Route 896; and the intersection of Otts Chapel Road and Route 2/Elkton Road. Contractor Greggo & Ferrara, Inc. Project bid amount $438,311.27. Contractor began work in late April; 35 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: July 2, 2010.

  Interstate Bridge Maintenance, Christina: This project involves the rehabilitation of eight interstate bridges. This work includes repairing bearings, replacing expansion seals and/or joints, cleaning and painting the steel beams, spot painting steel beams, concrete spalls in the parapets, decks, approach slabs, and concrete pavement. Contractor Mumford & Miller; Project bid amount $3,426,144.85. The contractor began work on March 17, 2010. 173 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: August 30, 2012


  Lightship Overfalls Lewes: This project will assist with the economic revitalization of Lewes by bringing tourists to this historic site. Construction of a permanent berth for the historic Lightship Overfalls. The ship was built in 1938 and is on the list of National Register of Historic Places. The ship has returned to Lewes, adjacent to the Lewes Canal Front Park. DelDOT's Transportation Enhancement Program spent $300,000 to assist with the interior renovation of the ship. All of the work was completed by local volunteer historians. Bids were received on January 21. Contractor Kuhn Construction. The construction began in the spring.Completed: May 28, 2010.

 New Castle County Mill Creek Greenway: This project will complete a segment to looped recreational trails and will be a part of an overall cross-county trail system will start at the intersection of the McKennans Church Road and Duncan Road, through the DelCastle recreational area and end near the golf course. The contract was awarded to Zack Excavating, Inc. Costs: $435,360.74. More people will choose the pedestrian and bicycle trail. Construction began in June.Completed: October 30, 2010.

  New Castle County Guardrail Upgrades: This project is to replace guardrails throughout New Castle County. Construction began in August and end in 2011; Contractor M. L. Ruberton Construction Company, Inc.; Project bid amount $480,798.38; 1095 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: April 30, 2012.

 Route 896 and Route 4 Park & Ride Improvements, Newark: Retrofit curb ramps, sidewalks, and other aspects of the facility to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Contractor A-Del Construction Company; Project bid amount $306,420.31. Construction began on Monday, May 24; 40 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: October 2, 2010

Pavement Rehabilitation Projects Statewide

  Pavement & Rehabilitation, North IV, 2010: This project is a milling and pavement contract with patching involving ramps at Route 273 and Route 1; Route 273 at I-95; Route 40; and Route 1. Contractor Diamond Materials; Project bid amount $1, 035,656.77; 45 Calendar Days. Completed January 2012.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, North VIII, 2010: This project consists of milling, patching, paving, and associated ADA work on Kirkwood Highway. Contractor A-Del Construction Company: Project bid amount $2,058,450.85; 90 Calendar Days.

Completed November 28, 2011.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, North VII, 2009: This project is a milling and paving contract with intersection ADA improvements. Locations: Foulk Road at Shipley Road; Foulk Road from Weldin Road to Lombardy School-Bedford Road; and Foulk Road northbound and southbound near Weldin Road. Contractor A-Del Construction Company; Project bid amount $2,619,059.53; 100 Calendar Days. Completed November 8, 2011

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, North VI, 2010: This project is a cold recycle paving contract with ADA improvements. Location: Route 273 and Route 1 interchange to Chapman Road. Contractor Diamond Materials; Project bid amount $1,804,572.15; 75 Calendar Days. Completed September 15, 2011.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, South II-VI, 2010: This project consists of patching and hot-mix overlay on Route 113 northbound from 400' north of Oak Avenue to 600' south of Kruger Road and Route 113 southbound from 500' south of Kruger Road to 400' north of Kerlyn Drive. Contractor George & Lynch Inc.; Project bid amount $2,859,001.04; 80 Calendar Days. The preconstruction meeting was held on March 3, 2011. The notice to proceed letter was issued on April 11, 2011. Completed: June 29, 2011.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, South II-VII, 2010: This project is patching and hot-mix overlay contract. Location: Route 18 from Gravel Hill Road to Sweetbriar Road. Contractor: American Infrastructure-MD Inc.; Project bid amount $2,158,007.25; 50 Calendar Days. The preconstruction meeting was held on March 2. The notice to proceed letter has been issued for March 21, 2011. Completed: May 31, 2011.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, South II-IV, 2010: This project is a milling and pavement contract. Location: Route 24 from Drane Road to west of Sherwood Forest Entrance. This project will begin after Labor Day with nighttime work only. Sealed bids were received on July 27, 2010. Project started on Monday, September 27, 2010. Completion date: 35 Calendar Days. Paving is complete as of November 17, 2010.Completed: November 24, 2010.

   Pavement & Rehabilitation, South I-VII, 2009: Rehoboth Boulevard from north of Shawnee Acres to Mispillion Bridge; Main Street from north Little Creek Road to South Little Creek Road; Route 13 northbound and southbound from north of Messina Hill Road to south of Route 42; McCoy Street from east of South Washington Street to South Walnut Street; Northwest Front Street from west of Church Street to east side of Washington Street; Marshall Street from north of Watergate Development to Southeast Front Street; Main Street from Duck Creek Road to Glenwood Avenue; Millington Road from east of Blackiston Road to west of Duck Creek Road; Commerce Street from west of Elizabeth Avenue to West Street; Bay Road, Route 1/Route 113, northbound from south of New Wharf Road to north of Milford Neck Road; Route 113 northbound and southbound from Haven Lake bridge to Milford Overpass; and Kings Highway from Route 113 to end of sidewalk on Lakeside Drive. Construction began on September 14, 2009; Due to operations sensitive to the weather construction was temporarily suspended on January 16, 2010. The construction work resumed mid March 15, 2010; Contractor George & Lynch Inc.; Project bid amount $5,489,626.64; Milling, patching and hot-mix overlay; Daytime and nighttime work; 240 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: November 17, 2010.

  Pavement & Rehabilitation, South II-VII, 2009: Johnson Road from Route 113 to Route 1, Issacs Road from Route 16 to Cedar Creek Road, Hudson Road from West Line Road to Fenwick Road; Contractor David A Bramble, Inc.; Project bid amount $2,106,256.85; Full depth reclamation and hot mix full width overlay; Daytime work; Due to operations sensitive to the weather, the construction began in May; 70 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: September 22, 2010

  Pavement & Rehabilitation, South I-III, 2009: Saulsbury Road from Route 8/Forrest Avenue to Walker Road; North State Street from Division Street to Walker Road intersection; South State Street from Loockerman Street to Division Street; Construction began November 16; The project was suspended for the winter. Work resumed on March 25, 2010. Contractor Diamond Materials; Project bid amount $946,018.21; 60 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: May 7, 2010

  Route 299 Park & Ride, Odessa: There are currently 102 parking spaces. This project will increase to 209 spaces. A new access road will be built to tie the Park & Ride into a traffic signal monitored intersection. A pedestrian and bike patch will be built to the Park & Ride. Construction began on September 1; Contractor Cirillo Brothers, Inc.; Project bid amount $670,660.47; 118 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: April 9, 2010

  East Chestnut Hill Route (Route 4) eastbound and westbound from South College Avenue (Route 896) to Salem Church Road; Contractor Harmony Construction Company Project bid amount $2,865,029.15; Milling, patching, and paving; 100 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: January 15, 2010

  Second Street from King Street to North Broom Street; 16th Street from Walnut Street to Market Street; King Street from East 16th Street to East 10th Street; Walnut Street from 13th Street to 16th Street; South Walnut Street Extension from Rogers Road to Front Street; and Church Street from Fourth Street to bridge over Brandywine River; Contractor Greggo & Ferrara, Inc.; Project bid Amount $2,926,340.40; Milling, paving, concrete work and installation of ADA curb ramps; Daytime and nighttime work; 120 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: January 15, 2010

  I-95 southbound to DelDOT's salt shed from end of overpass in Wilmington to end of I-95 Fifth Lane Widening Project. Construction began on August 31; Contractor Greggo & Ferrara, Inc.; Project bid amount $2,272,626.80; 65 Calendar Day Contract. Completed: November 11, 2009

  Route 13 northbound from Port Penn Road to the south side of St. Georges Bridge; and Route 13 southbound from the south side of St. Georges Bridge to Port Penn Road; Contractor A-Del Construction Company, Inc.; Project Amount: $951,446.62. Completed: October 19, 2009

  Route 20/Hardscrabble Road from Kaye Road to East Trap Pond Road; Contractor American Infrastructure-MD, Inc.; Project bid amount $1,428,700. Completed: September 28, 2009

  New London Road from Covered Bridge Road to Maryland state line; Greenbank Road from Old Capitol Trail to Route 41; and Main Street in Newark from railroad tracks to Maryland state line. Contractor A-Del Construction Company, Inc.; Project Amount $1,040,112.55. Completed: August 31, 2009

  South Walnut Street at City of Milford limits to Northwest Front Street; Shawnee Road at Blacksmith Shop Road to Fitzgerald Road;  Contractor Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc.; Project bid amount $908,710.59 Completed: August 7, 2009

Stimulus Projects

  Wyoming Mill Realignment: Realignment of the intersection will improve safety conditions at the intersection. The project will realign approximately 1500 feet of Wyoming Mill Road to intersect Hazlettville Road opposite Westover Drive, the entrance to the Village of Westover subdivision. The project will also include improvements to Hazlettville Road from approximately 500 feet from west of Westover Drive to Mifflin Road. Proposed improvements will include a signalized intersection at Hazlettville Road/Wyoming Mill Road/Westover Drive, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and new drainage facilities. Contractor: Diamond Materials; Project bid amount $1,871,016.42. 243 Calendar Days. Status Topsoil was placed along the south side of Hazlettville Road. A shift of traffic will begin onto the realigned Wyoming Mill Road. A new traffic signal will be activated at Wyoming Mill Road and Hazlettville Road. Completed Monday, November 21, 2011

 Rail Cars, New Castle County: This project allows the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) to purchase four new Silverliner V rail cars from SEPTA, which will add capacity for SEPTA service between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Newark, Delaware. Cost: $8 million. Ribbon cutting ceremony on August 30 for the delivery of rail cars. Cost: $8 million.

Completed: September 9, 2012

 Rehabilitation of Epoxy Pavement Markings This project consists of the removal of the existing painted, thermoplastic, tape, and epoxy lines and replacing them with epoxy pavement markings. The contractor shall be responsible for the removal of all debris and hazardous waste. This contract also provides the re-striping of several existing roadways throughout the state of Delaware. Construction began in late September; Contractor Traffic Lines, Inc.; Project bid amount $1,189,717.54; 365 Calendar Day Contract.Completed: December 31, 2010

 Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Refurbishment Phase II and III: Total length of reconstruction is 4,143 feet, from southern portion at Prospect Street to Laurel Street, the northern-most portion from Maryland Avenue to Surfside Place, and at the commercial district from Rehoboth Avenue to Maryland Avenue; Contractor, Mumford & Miller, $4.43 million. Completed: May 28, 2010

 Route 404/Newton Road Railroad Crossing, Bridgeville: Add gates and update cantilever lights and controller; replace pre-cast concrete surface. Norfolk Southern Railroad Company will do this work. Completed: October 24, 2009

 Route 10 and Sorghum Mill Road, Kent County: Channelizing the median at the intersection of Route 10 and Sorghum Mill Road to accommodate eastbound/westbound Route 10 left-turns. Northbound left-turns are now diverted to the median opening to the east at Liberto Plaza; Contractor A-Del Construction Company, Inc.; Project amount $194,168.36. Completed: August 25, 2009

Traffic Signal Improvements

 Route 299 & Middletown High School/Dover Run Drive:  This is a new project because the construction cost of the original nine locations came in less than the cost estimate. There are a high number of pedestrians, principally high school students who cross the street at this unsignalized location. This is potentially an unsafe situation due to the high traffic volumes and speeds on Route 299 in Middletown. DelDOT in coordination with the Town of Middletown, Middletown High School, and local legislators agreed that the installation of a traffic signal will provide safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow at this intersection. Construction started in the Summer 2010.Completed: August 30, 2010

 Route 13 & Route 42: Estimated Cost: $145,515.99; Project description: Project includes revising X-span to box-span, upgrading traffic signal equipment. The Town of Cheswold requested that DelDOT add crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and upgraded curb ramps at this intersection. DelDOT received permission from the Federal Highway Administration to make this modification to the design. The utility relocations are complete and signal work will start again the week of April 12, 2010. Completed: May 21, 2010

 Route 13 & Boulden Boulevard: Costs: $112,160.84; Project description: Reconstruction of signal due to deteriorating equipment, including poles and pole bases. Completed: October 9, 2009

 Route 13 & Lepore Road: Costs: $121,077.62; Project description: New "half signal" to be installed based on the recommendations of warrant and operational analysis. Southbound through traffic will receive a red indication to allow a green indication for northbound left-turn traffic.Completed: October 8, 2009

 Route 13 & Memorial Drive: Costs: $249,384.54; Project description: Installation of crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and improved ADA curb ramps. Also, minor modifications to the signals and striping at the adjacent intersection of Route 13 & Hazeldale Avenue related to the fire department pre-emption.Completed: August 5, 2009

 Route 202 & Righter Parkway: Costs: $214,240.13; Project description: Bring pedestrian signalization up to current standards, including minor modifications to right-turn movements, ADA curb ramp upgrades, and new pedestrian signal equipment including countdown signal heads. Crosswalk across Route 202 will be moved from the south to the north side of the intersection.

Completed: July 28, 2009

 Route 2/Kirkwood Highway & Albertson Boulevard: Costs: $431,752.54; Project description: Minor modifications to the signal phasing related to the southbound and right-turn movement from Albertson Boulevard to Route 2. Upgrade of pedestrian crosswalks/curb ramps/signals. Conversion of Route 2 left-turn phasing from protected/permitted to protected-only. Completed: July 8, 2009

 Mill Creek & McKennans Church Road: Costs: $159,203.64; Project description: Rebuilding of the intersection, changing signal poles, installing ADA curb ramps, upgrading the existing pedestrian signals with new LED countdown pedestrian signals.Completed: June 8, 2009

 Frederica Fire Signal: Costs: $53,564.12; Project description: Rebuild the fire signal to bring the signal up to current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards.Completed: June 3, 2009

 Route 1 and West Way Drive, Bethany Beach: Costs: $67,481.52; Project description: This project involved median island and pedestrian signal upgrades; and the installation of countdown signals. Also, this project included the installation of countdown signals at Kent Avenue and West Way Drive and at Route 1 and Route 26.Completed: May 1, 2009

Details on these projects can be found online at, under the "Recovery Projects" tab.