Traffic Signal Improvements

Traffic Signal Install
Traffic signal installation on Division Street, Dover - 2007


Traffic signal installation, upgrade, or reconstruction at nine intersections: New Castle County: SR 2 & Albertson Boulevard; US 13 & Boulden Boulevard; US 13 & Memorial Drive; US 202 & Righter Parkway; and, Mill Creek Road & McKennans Church Road. Kent County: US 13 & Lepore Road; US 13 & SR 42; and, Frederica Fire Signal. Sussex County: SR 1 & West Way Drive.


$1.5 million.


Each intersection has a different scope of work, variously involving new signal installations, reconstruction of aging infrastructure, pedestrian signal enhancements, upgrade of curb ramps to current ADA standards, modification of left-turn phasing, and lengthening of left-turn storage bays. Improvements will improve traffic flow, vehicular safety, pedestrian safety, and the reliability of the system.

Started in April 2009

SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) & Albertson, NCCo
Minor modifications to the signal phasing related to the southbound right-turn movement from Albertson Boulevard to SR 2. Addition/upgrade of pedestrian crosswalks/curb ramps/signals. Conversion of SR 2 left-turn phasing from protected/permitted to protected-only. Median modifications on SR 2 between Albertson Boulevard and SR 41 to lengthen the left-turn lane serving Albertson Boulevard. Completed July 8, 2009.

SR 1 & West Way Drive, Sussex County
This project involves median island and pedestrian signal upgrades, including the installation of countdown signals. This project will also include the installation of countdown signals at Kent Avenue & West Way Drive, and at SR 1 & SR 26. Completed May 1, 2009.

Frederica Fire Signal, Kent County
Project was initiated due to frequent maintenance problems involving vehicles hitting the signal cabinet, on the edge of a parking lot. Project will fully re-build the fire signal to bring the signal up to current MUTCD standards. Completed June 3, 2009.

Started in May 2009

Mill Creek Road & McKennans Church Road, NCCo
Intersection improvement project that includes revising diagonal span to a box-span, upgrading traffic signal equipment, design of ADA ramps, installation of pedestrian indications, push buttons, and countdown signal heads. Completed June 8, 2009.

US 13 & SR 42, Kent County
Project includes revising X-span to a box-span, upgrading traffic signal equipment. In construction. Project delayed due to unanticipated utility conflicts. New completion date not yet determined. February 11, 2010 Update: The utility company should be completing their work by mid-March, 2010 at the latest, at which time DelDOT can complete the traffic signal installation. During the delay in the project, the Town of Cheswold requested that DelDOT add crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and upgraded curb ramps at this intersection. DelDOT received permission from FHWA to make this modification to the design.  Completed May 21, 2010.

US 202 & Righter Parkway, NCCo
Project to bring pedestrian signalization up to current standards, including minor modifications to right-turn movements, ADA curb ramp upgrades, and new pedestrian signal equipment including countdown signal heads. Crosswalk across US 202 will be moved from the south to the north side of the intersection. Completed July 28, 2009.

US 13 & Memorial Drive, NCCo
Project to install crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and improved ADA curb ramps. Project to also make minor modifications to the signals and striping at the adjacent intersection of US 13 & Hazeldale Avenue related to the fire department pre-emption. Completed August 5, 2009.

Starting in Summer 2009

US 13 & Boulden Boulevard, NCCo
Reconstruction of signal due to deteriorating equipment, including poles and pole bases. Completed October 9, 2009.

US 13 & Lepore Drive, Kent County
New "half-signal" to be installed based on recommendations of warrant and operational analysis. Southbound through traffic will receive a red indication to allow a green indication for northbound left-turn traffic. At this time, left-turn traffic out of Lepore Road will not be allowed, and northbound through traffic on US 13 will not be required to stop at any time. Completed October 8, 2009.

Starting in Summer 2010

SR 299 & Middletown High School / Dove Run Drive
This is a new project that can be added to the ARRA Traffic Signal Improvements Project because the construction cost of the original nine locations came in less than the cost estimate. There are a high number of pedestrians, principally high school students, who cross the street at this unsignalized location. This is a potentially unsafe situation due to the high traffic volumes and speeds on SR 299. Many enforcement and education tactics have been attempted over the years to discourage this behavior, to little affect. Given the situation, DelDOT, in coordination with the Town of Middletown, Middletown High School, and local legislators, agrees that the installation of a traffic signal is the appropriate measure to provide safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow at this intersection. The traffic signal is proposed to be installed concurrently with access modifications being performed by Middletown High School, which will modify the high school access on SR 299 from "right-out only" to "right-in/right-out."

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