Centreville Streetscape/Traffic Calming

Rehoboth Streetscape
Before & After Artist Rendering of the Centreville Streetscape


This project on Rt. 52/Old Kennett Pike would replace current temporary traffic calming features with permanent ones, including continuous curb and sidewalk network, bulb-outs, crosswalk improvements, parking width and markings, including bike lanes.


$3.7 million.


This work would improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Meeting Minutes:

What's Involved?

Traffic Calming And Roadway Enhancements

  • Complete curb network
  • Permanent bulb-outs
  • Roadway resurfacing
  • Standardize travel and parking lane width & markings
  • Signage improvements
  • Improve existing crosswalk visibility
  • Drainage system improvements

Enhancing The Roadway Aesthetics

  • Brick/Aggregate sidewalk treatment
  • Crosswalk treatments

Improving And Completing The Pedestrian And Bicycle Network

  • Complete sidewalk network
  • Aesthetically enhanced crosswalks
  • Visually enhanced bicycle lanes
  • Bus stop
  • ADA accessibility

Avoiding Or Minimizing Impacts To The Properties Along The Corridor

  • Utilize minimum cross section
  • Maximize cross slopes and tie-in slopes
  • Protect mature trees and existing landscape plantings
  • Use of retaining walls