Dover Transit Center First Phase

Current Water St Station
Current Water St. Station in Dover


Build the first phase of a DART Dover Transit Center on five acres on Water Street between Queen and West streets. This work would include the internal loop road, shelters, parking lot and stormwater system.


$5.7 million, to be obligated in the one-year timeframe.


Federal spending allocation restrictions prevent the full $13.3 million from being funded. As such, DelDOT will move forward with the bus loop, parking areas and stormwater aspects, while making future accommodations for the addition of the buildings. Eventually, this site would replace the current minimal facility on 1.5 acres on Water Street, between Governors Ave. and State Street. The future facility could accommodate more buses, allowing for future expansion of the system if funding allows. The new facility will also be located on the rail line, allowing for possible use as a train station in the future if funding for such a capital project were available.

Project Awarded:

The Dover Transit Center was awarded November 20, 2009 to Richard E. Pierson Construction Co. for a Total Lump Sum Price of $4,460,000.00.

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RFP as issued to Shortlisted Proposers (ITP)

Final Part 1 Contract Documents - Project Scope

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The RFQ was advertised May 4, 2009.  SOQs were accepted from thirteen submitters on June 24, 2009.  The Department is proud to announce the shortlist.  The following firms were shortlisted and will compete to design and construct the first phase of the Dover Transit Center:

David A. Bramble, Inc.
George & Lynch, Inc.
R.E. Pierson Construction Co. Inc.

RFQ Information

May 26, 2009 RFQ Informational Meeting