Market Street Safety Project Wilmington

South Market St
Bridge separates North (left) and South (right) Market Street


This project would elevate the roadway out of the floodplain. The limits are Market Street from "A" Street to just north of the Market/Walnut St. Split.


$9 million, to be obligated in the 1-year timeframe.


The full project of elevating the road out of the floodplain would bring it to the level of other developments in the area, reducing the impact flooding has on residents and business.

Public Workshop Notice - September 27, 2010
Public Workshop Notice - November 4, 2009


On September 8, 2010, the South Market Street Safety Improvements project will start. This project will elevate the roadway out of the 10 year flood plan, underground existing overhead utilities and construct sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and landscaping. During different phases of work either one or two lanes of traffic will be available for the traveling public. The first phase will reduce the present three lanes of traffic to one lane of traffic. Contract allows Mumford to start at 7pm with lane closures, Wednesday night.