Route 299 Park & Ride Improvements - Middletown

Overview of the Rte 299 Park & Ride
Overview of the Route 299 Park & Ride


Expansion of the park and ride located at the intersection of SR 299 and SR 1. Project also includes the relocation of the entrance to SR 299 to a new signalized intersection being constructed at Gloucester Drive. The design of the expanded Park & Ride will increase parking to 209 spaces. The current storm pond will not be impacted, nor will the bus shelter and other amenities. A new access road will be built to tie the Park & Ride into a traffic light monitored intersection. A pedestrian and bike path will be constructed. DelDOT/DART built the facility in 1997 with 102 parking spaces and a custom-built shelter with amenities. The facility is served by DART's Middletown Shuttle, the Route 301 to Dover and Wilmington, and a state employee van pool. Beginning on June 22, DART's Middletown Shuttle will be replaced by the new Route 43 providing expanded service to the western side of Middletown.


$1.4 million


The Park & Ride is currently parked in excess of capacity. Cars are forced to park along the entrance and any available open area. The Middletown/Odessa/Townsend (MOT) area is a rapidly growing section of southern New Castle County. Route 299 has increased traffic loads. This makes crossing lanes to turn a long ordeal that affects bus schedules. The growth of the MOT area requires a larger facility to handle the demand of transit services.


April 9, 2010

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