Route 404 Newton Road Railroad Crossing - Bridgeville

Railroad Crossing
Work being performed at a railroad crossing.


Add gates and update cantilever lights and controller; replace pre-cast concrete surface. Railroad would do this work.


$400,000, to be completed if additional ARRA funding becomes available.


A safety project.


As common on all railroad crossing safety projects, DelDOT has determined that project 29-005-02 SR 404A Newton Rd. (S582) Railroad Crossing Improvement will not be a competitively bid project. Although on a state roadway, the project mainly involves working on railroad right of way, Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC), an active class I freight carrier. Construction activities necessary for this safety upgrade require track removal and replacement, requiring coordinated effort with railroad operations. For railroad logistics and safety reasons the work must be accomplished by a certified workforce knowledgeable of NSC operations and requirements. This workforce is working on multiple locations in Delaware in addition to this providing cost efficiency for both workforce and materials. Also, due to the NSC union relations contracts, the work proposed must be performed by union and FRA certified personal.


October 24, 2009

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