Appendix A - Transit Improvements

The Transit Working Group developed a program of transit improvements to be included as part of the Plan for the Corridor. The recommendations have an estimated capital cost of $5.5 million and estimated 20-year operating costs of $30 million. The recommendations addressed three areas, as described below:

Transit Service

  • Continue operation of current service in the Corridor (bus routes 40, 54 and 55).
  • Initiate new service, to include limited-stop service along Route 40 (bus route 41), express service along SR 896 and I-95 (bus route 43) and neighborhood service (bus route 42).
  • Develop a demonstration program for route-deviation service. This type of service is flexible to patron's demands and is well suited to the Corridor. This demonstration program could be an extension of the neighborhood service described above.

Transit Facilities

  • Improve bus stops throughout the Corridor, to include shelters, concrete pad waiting areas, lighting and additional pedestrian connections.
  • Improve the bus stop across from Brookmont Farms by providing ADA accessibility to the Waterford community.
  • Preserve the existing park-and-ride lots in the Corridor (People's Plaza, SR 7/SR 273) and plan for additional lots at Route 40/SR 896 and in the vicinity of Route 40/SR 7.

Transit Management Actions

  • New Castle County should add transit-access requirements to the Unified Development Code.
  • DART First State should carry out a continuing, aggressive Corridor marketing campaign to inform residents and employees in the Route 40 Corridor of available transit services.
  • RideShare Delaware should continue to administer and promote the ridesharing program in the Route 40 Corridor.
  • DART First State should use its proposed mid-county facility to improve service reliability in the Route 40 Corridor.
  • Security at park-and-ride lots should be enhanced through coordination with local law-enforcement officials. n DART First State should regularly clean and maintain transit facilities in the corridor.