Appendix B - Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

The Pedestrian/Bicycle Working Group developed a program of pedestrian/bicycle improvements to be included as part of the Plan for the Corridor. These recommendations have an estimated capital cost of $68 million. The recommendations addressed two areas, as described below:

Design Recommendations (All designs will be ADA-compliant)

  • Intersection enhancements, (i.e. crosswalks, pedestrian signals, lighting, etc.) as supported by the Action Teams, are scheduled to be constructed this summer at the following Route 40 intersections:
    • SR 72
    • Glasgow Drive
    • Buckley Boulevard
    • Rickey Boulevard
    • Salem Church Road
    • Scotland Drive
    • Eden Square Shopping Center
  • Develop continuous sidepaths on both sides of Route 40 from the Maryland state line to Route 13. The work segments will be phased as follows:
    • SR 72 to SR 1 - Phase I
    • SR 896 to SR 72 - Phase II
    • Maryland state line to SR 896 and SR 1 to Route 13 - Phase III
  • Improve pedestrian bicycle accessibility and mobility along selected arterial, collector and local roads. Improvements will include sidewalks and/or bike lanes as follows:
    • Route 13 - Route 40 to Tybouts Corner (sidepath)
    • SR 72 - Route 40 to SR 71 (sidewalk)
    • SR 896 - Old Baltimore Pike to Porter Road (sidepath)
    • Salem Church Road - I-95 to Route 40 (sidewalk, bike lane)
    • Porter Road - SR 896 to Route 40 (bike lane)
    • Walther Road - Old Baltimore Pike to Route 40 (sidewalk, bike lane)
    • Del Laws Road (sidewalk)
    • Wilton Boulevard/Appleby Road (sidewalk)
    • School Bell Road (sidewalk, bike lane)
    • Old County Road - Glasgow Avenue to Frazer Road (sidewalk)
    • Songsmith Drive - McMullen Circle to Smalleys Dam Road (sidewalk)
    • Old Baltimore Pike - SR 72 to SR 273 (sidepath with initial striping for bike lanes)

Policy Recommendations

  • Future developments (residential and commercial) should include pedestrian/bicycle support facilities (i.e. bike racks, water fountains, etc.), internal pedestrian/bicycle routes, streetscaping, etc.
  • To ensure safety of users and to encourage use of facilities, sufficient maintenance funds should be provided.