Project Limits:

The project limits will extend along SR 7 from New Linden Hill Road to the Ferris Drive and will include work on Skyline Drive.

Project Need

The project is design with the following goals in mind:

  • Improve the Safety of the Intersection
  • Improve Pedestrian Facilities

Project Overview:

The project is currently proposed to extend the northbound and southbound left-turn lanes along SR 7 at the intersection of Skyline Drive. These modifications are proposed to address safety issues during permissive left-turn phasing. In order to accommodate the storage capacity needed for protected-only left-turn phasing, the northbound and southbound left-turn lanes on SR 7 will be extended by 300' and 350' respectively. Additional work along Skyline Drive will include sidewalk improvements, bus shelters, channelization islands, and cross walks.


This project is substantially complete.