Indian River Bridge - Roadway Approach & Existing Bridge Demolition

Project Limits:

The roadway approaches encompass approximately one mile on both sides of the Indian River Inlet Bridge along Route 1 in Sussex County.

Project Need:

This project will meet the need for newly realigned roadway approaches to be built on both sides of the new Indian River Inlet Bridge. Once the new bridge is completed, this same contract will permit the removal of the entire existing bridge including the bridge piers within the inlet.

Current Construction Dates

The 740-calendar day project is expected to begin March 2011 and be completed in 2013.

Contractor and Cost

George & Lynch, Inc. - $11,625,940

Construction Schedule

Phase I: March to May 2011 - Construction of temporary crossovers in preparation for a new traffic pattern in the area of the bridge. Minimal traffic restrictions and disruptions as the contractor mobilizes to the site and begins work.

Phase II: May to December 2011 - By Memorial Day 2011, a new traffic pattern will be in place. During this phase, the contractor will be constructing the roadway approaches to the new bridge structure.

Route 1 northbound and southbound motorists will be reduced to one lane in each direction with all traffic placed on the existing northbound lanes of Route 1. Cyclists will utilize the shoulder area and be on alignment with motorists until they reach the existing bridge structure. While on the existing bridge they will be separated by a concrete barrier and will utilize the SR-1 southbound lanes exclusively until they reach a point just over the existing bridge structure when they will return to the shoulder area and once again be on alignment with motorists. Pedestrians will continue to use the existing detour.

Phase III: December 2011 to Mid-2012 - During this time, the contractor will complete permanent access roadways to the park under the bridge, restore other local roadway connections and construct turn lanes. This phase also includes the demolition of the existing Indian River Inlet Bridge. The existing bridge will be disassembled using jackhammers and other heavy equipment, and will the concrete and pier portions will be transported and deposited to a reef site. Structural steel from the bridge will either be transported to the reef site or recycled by the contractor.

Beginning in early 2012, the traffic pattern will shift Route 1 northbound and southbound motorists to the southbound lanes of the new bridge. One lane in each direction will remain until all remaining traffic tie-in work is complete (early 2013). Cyclists will be in the shoulder area, but on the same alignment as motorists during this phase. Pedestrians will continue to use the existing detour.