Indian River Inlet Bridge - Delaware Seashore State Park Improvements

Project Limits

The park improvements will encompass the area of the Delaware Seashore State Park on both the north and south sides of the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

Project Need

This project is needed in order to beautify and return the Delaware Seashore State Park area to its original condition prior to the construction of the Indian River Inlet Bridge. The improvements will include refurbishing the existing campground on the southside of the bridge, as well as building a new campground and day use parking area on the northside of the bridge.

Other improvements will include a new playground, new/improved bathhouses and showers for beach users, more fisherman parking (daily), nature walk, outdoor pavilions/atrium areas for education outreach, some interactive facilities, kiosks, along with beautification items such as plantings, and including native species of plants (dune grasses).

Contractor and Cost


Project Schedule

Fall 2013 - Construction Begins

Late Summer/Early Fall 2014 - Project Construction Completed