SR1, SR30 Grade Separated Intersection

Project Limits

The project is located along the SR1 corridor, just South of Milford. More specifically at the intersection of SR1 with SR30, Wilkins Road & Cedar Neck Road. This is the intersection with the flashing red lights at the Wilkins and Cedar Neck Road approaches and flashing yellow on SR 1 north and southbound. The approximate limits stretch from 1400 feet North of the existing intersection and 3600 feet to the South. The eastern limits extend approximately 1800 feet along Cedar Neck Road, and the western approximately 1400 feet along Wilkins Road.

Project Need

This intersection has been designated for improvements under several programs. Initially, during the Corridor Capacity Preservation Program, an overpass was proposed to improve capacity and safety at the intersection. Additionally, during the Highway Safety Improvement Program analyses, this intersection has been designated for safety improvements due to the frequency and severity of accidents.

Project Overview

This project will replace the existing at-grade intersection with a grade-separated intersection. This will be accomplished by the installation of an overpass and a connecting ramp system for access. The northbound access will be achieved via a loop ramp to the southeast quadrant of the project. The southbound traffic will access the overpass via an access ramp that ties into SR30 to the south of the overpass. Improvements will also be made to the existing intersection of Wilkins Road and Cedar Creek Road to include the installation of a signal and auxiliary lanes to accommodate the various turning movements that occur at this location.

Project Schedule

Actual Start Date - Construction started on December 3rd, 2012.
Actual Substantial Completion Date - July 23, 2014.