SR-1 and SR-16 Grade Separated Intersection

Project Limits:

The project is located along the SR 1 corridor in Sussex County. The area of improvements will be at the intersection of SR 16 (Broadkill Road) and SR 1 (Coastal Highway) east of Milton. In conjunction with the corridor capacity preservation study for SR 1, a grade separated intersection at SR 1 and SR 16 is needed to preserve both highway operational capacity and safety. The project is currently in the preliminary stages and the exact limits have not been defined.

Project Overview:

The intersection of SR 1 and SR 16 was identified as a potential grade separated intersection location through the Corridor Capacity Preservation Program. The existing at-grade intersection and traffic signal at SR 16 (Broadkill Road) will be removed and access to SR 1 will be provided via ramps. This intersection has also been identified by the Hazard Elimination Program due to crash history at this location. Remedial measures have been made which include signal improvements, signing and pavement marking improvements, and the installation of lighting at the intersection.

Project Schedule:

The project is in semi-final design. The project schedule is as follows under the current funding scenario:

  • Alternatives Public Workshop on November 5, 2015
  • Design Public Workshop - November 17, 2016
  • Right-of-Way acquisition Fall 2018
  • Construction in Summer 2020